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Tonight in Cardiff – Clear Cut’s program has developed to become a powerful showcase for experimental arts, growing significantly in recognition since its inception. Its ability to draw a large audience, which on the night included representatives of the National Dance Company of Wales, National Theatre of Wales and Arts Council Wales, is an indication of the positive direction that is driving diversity and innovation in the Cardiff arts scene. | 029 2047 3373

£4.00 in advance

£5.00 on the door



Cardiff MADE, 41, Lochaber Street, Cardiff CF24 3LS


Marega Palser  (Dance/Movement Performance)

Jane Eyre, The DarkSide…

Initially inspired by Paula Rego’s etchings of Jayne Eyre and the music of PJ Harvey, ‘Jane Eyre- The DarkSide…’ is a thought in progress.

“Each picture told a story ; mysterious often to my undeveloped understanding and imperfect feelings, yet ever profoundly interesting…”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Charlotte Bronte


Nicholas Morgan & Margot Przymierska (Theatre/Sketch Performance)

Parallel Lines

“That’s the family you have”. Two performers tell separate but intertwining stories, improvising around box-set narratives and the immediate, subjective experiences of our own lives, collapsing characters, time & space, fiction & reality to shocking revealing and amusing effect.


Simon Gore (Audio/Visual Performance)

Musician, Simon collaborates with video fuckineer, Jack Rees on a live, hardware, AV performance piece titled Origami Reinkarnasjon – an ethological celebration of the Norwegian founded, worldwide freeform arts network, the Origami Republika. Using live manipulation of sampled cassette noise from the networks master tape archive, electronic beats and noise synth paired with live analogue visual glitch-synthesis/manipulation of liberated CCTV footage, Gore and Rees deliver a confrontational, avant-garde experience of experimental collaboration, creatively projected through re-purposed and boutique hardware technology.  


Arnaldo James (Film)

Does ethnicity or origin come through when skin tone is homogenised? Is morphology reflected by environment? Can identity be conveyed through dance and abstract non-verbal storytelling? This is a video piece that explores aspects of identity: how identity becomes hidden and transformed, and what identity means in different environments. To look at this, we use non-indigenous forms of dance that reference Japanese Butoh set in Trinidadian environment combined with Trinidadian movements. The piece examines the similarities that occur in different cultures through movement and music.


Angie Kirby (Music/Vocal Performance)

Enchanting, haunting adaptations of Arabic and Sephardic traditional songs, interpreted and performed by trio consisting of musicians / composers Angie Kirby, Bethan Frieze and Eloise Gynn. Timeless, ancient melodies fused with more contemporary musical perspectives, anchored by lullaby-like themes and romantic narratives.


Dan-Wyn Jones (Piano Performance)

Shining Light

Shining Light is a solo work for piano with its roots in late romantic piano music and post-rock aesthetics. The work is intended as an instrumental love song and an exploration of absolute music. Composer, Daniel-Wyn Jones is a bilingual Cardiff-based composer whose interests include the natural drama that occurs in music and its performance. Influenced by a diverse selection of modern popular and classical music his music reflects these interests with its strong sense of pace and diversity of sound and feeling, and accentuates the drama that already exists within music. Performer, Guy Shotton is a musician based in Cardiff. His performance work has taken him all over the UK and Europe and to venues in both the Middle East and the USA. 


Merran Singh Dubb (Film Installation)

Temple of Consciousness

The work addresses the issue of climate change and how this is affecting the planet and indeed humankind. It is evident that we are destroying the planet but ultimately, we are destroying ourselves.  I believe that it is our consciousness that is integral to our evolution as a species and determines our welfare and survival on the planet.  Audio: is a meditation, which recites the Sanskrit name of each of the seven chakras.

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